Exsel Dytecna Ltd Announce New Facility in Worcester, UK

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Exsel Dytecna Ltd are pleased to announce the opening of a new facility in Worcester, UK. 

The new, expanded facility will enable additional equipment and staff to support Exsel Dytecna’s expanded product portfolio, focusing on ‘protection through technology’. 

The new, expanded facility will support all the legacy products and services within the Exsel Dytecna portfolio whilst strengthening the fabrication, electro/mechanical design, manufacture and integration capabilities across the group.

Working alongside our expanding list of industry partners the additional capabilities, equipment and staff will support Exsel Dytecna’s focused ‘protection through technology’ approach to innovation.

Two new divisions will operate primarily from the new Worcester site –

  • Exsel Design & Integration – Specialist Vehicles, Specialist Containers, Advanced Engineering

  • Exsel Training & Simulation – Fixed Wing Trainers, Rotary Wing Trainers, Wheeled & Tracked Vehicle Trainers & Marine Trainers

The new facility enables Exsel Dytecna to offer an enhanced and extensive ‘Build to Print’ capabilities supporting our customers with the sourcing, manufacture and servicing of items and platforms otherwise deemed as obsolete.   

New equipment includes a new 3-metre Brake Press, vehicle ramp & in-house paint shop, alongside additional cuttings and welding capabilities. 

Operations previously conducted at other facilities in Worcester and Fareham will be consolidated into the expanded facility or moved to company HQ in London. 

“We are excited to be moving into our new ‘home’ in Worcester – a much larger, more integrated facility that will enable us to continue to expand our product line.  By leveraging the new equipment, facilities and great people, we’ll be able to ensure we continue to offer the best possible solutions to British forces and global clients abroad and at home.” said Mike Moloney, Director, Exsel Dytecna Ltd.

About Exsel Dytecna Ltd

As a leading independent design, technology, engineering & training product and services company, Exsel Dytecna continues to deliver to its traditional customer base whilst opening new markets with innovative engineering, software, electrical & armour solutions. 

Exsel Dytecna Ltd consists of 4 main operating divisions – Exsel Electronics, Exsel Training & Simulation, Exsel Design & Integration & DynaArmour. 

Key clients and partners include BAE Systems, QinetiQ, Lockheed Martin, Navistar, ALC, Babcock and UK Ministry of Defence.
Exsel Dytecna Ltd aims to provide superlative levels of protection through the rapid and advanced application of cutting edge science, technology & engineering– ensuring the personnel, assets and locations of our clients remain protected against a broad range of threats.  For more information on our products visit https://www.exsel-dytecna.com.

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